Our Water


Stillness is our greatest asset. It’s also the promise offered by our artesian water. MINUS 181 forms in the intrusive rock of our Ice Age landscapes, encased under pressure between two impenetrable layers of clay. It is this pressure, coupled with the purity of an exquisite water quality, that makes MINUS 181 a unique water product meeting the highest of standards.


MINUS 181 was tapped during a 181-metre-deep drill in Parchim in 2011. Surrounded by sprawling forests and a clear Nordic sky, the water emerges of its own accord as a result of artesian pressure. Analyses and assessments by a number of sommeliers have confirmed its exceptional quality and well-balanced taste. Packaged in premium bottles, our water harbours a moment of stillness, clarity and pleasure.

Sommelier Assessment


“When poured, the MINUS 181 mineral water displays distinct clarity and a wonderful, silvery mirror effect on the surface.

The unique softness of this water becomes evident the moment it hits the tip of the tongue. As it makes its way further along the tongue, the water reveals a harmonious, neutral taste evoked by its subtle mineralisation. With velvety smoothness, it glides down the throat, leaving no noticeable sensation lingering in the mouth.

This mineral water serves as an ideal accompaniment to red wine – including the robust and highly tannic –, without in any way altering it.”


Dr. Peter Schropp
Managing Director Doemens Academy GmbH



MINUS 181 water is for people who appreciate stillness, and who maintain a healthy balance of suspense and ease in their lives. Our water is available at selected partners, restaurants and hotels that share our values, and whose products exhibit the very same spirit embodied by MINUS 18: That of natural purity, clarity and pleasure.