The redbrick buildings of the Parchim waterworks, located right next to the old water tower, are home to the customised bottling plant we operate for our precious water. It is here that MINUS 181 is poured into our seamlessly crafted glass bottles with their engraved logos. Capping it all off is a glass stopper that seals the bottle, making it reclosable, without affecting the taste. A strictly limited number of bottles have been filled at the manufactory since 2018 – each checked by hand. That’s how we guarantee the excellent quality of our premium water.



The MINUS 181 story began with several drills on the grounds of the Parchim waterworks – in search of high-quality water. And it was at a depth of 181 metres that the surprise came, the cool liquid suddenly spurting out of a drill-hole like a fountain. The team had tapped into one of the legendary artesian sources.

This rare phenomenon is the product of a special geological formation: The water, encased in thick layers of clay, seeps down over several decades, slumbering in the silence of the earth’s depths, and absorbing minerals in the process. On its way through the rock, it also filters out suspended sediment and particles. As the protective layers of clay render it impossible for the water to leak out to the side, pressure builds – ultimately causing the water to rise up on its own.

One thing quickly became clear: The team had discovered something very special – something far exceeding all original expectations of the drills. Analyses confirmed their initial suspicions; lying dormant in the depths of Parchim’s Ice-Age landscape is a water just waiting to enter the gourmet world. And so it was that MINUS 181 saw the light of day.



MINUS 181 is sold in selected online shops and specialist gourmet stores. You can purchase our water on its own – or in our luxurious gift boxes with specially crafted glasses and matching coasters.

The MINUS 181 glasses are made in co-operation with Austrian glass manufacturer RIEDEL. They are also sold separately.